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Alex Hassinger's Speech at the ISD Gathering

Alex Hassinger's Speech at the ISD Gathering

Alex Hassinger at the ISD gathering

2008 ISD Memorial Speech
Given September 20th, 2008 at the Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial,
Jupiter, Florida
By Alex Hassinger

We gather here today, to honor the Godfather of modern racialist music. A musician and a revolutionary! A leader and a man of strong convictions! A National-Socialist and a fighter… Ian Stuart Donaldson! Hail!!!

Through his music, he appealed to our people around the globe, and raised their spirit and hope for the New Dawn! His music is widely known throughout the nationalist scene and he himself is regarded as an icon of the Movement! 15 years ago he died in a tragic accident, when he was only 36 years old. Once he said “A pamphlet is read only once, but a song is learnt by heart and repeated a thousand times.” How true -- we still listen to his music and draw inspiration from his songs. Especially today, when our movement is in dire need of extreme -- transformation. This is the time to act! When fighting for your race is considered offensive and hateful, we, the Modern National-Socialists have enough pride and strength of character to fight the enormous odds!

We have been persecuted in the past and we are being persecuted at present, for our ideological convictions and the love for our own race. It’s a shame, when people we once considered the leaders of this movement -- turned cowards and traitors! It’s a shame, when they seek Jewish advice and don’t hear our voices! It’s a shame when they ban symbols, such as the swastika… the very essence of who we are!
Instead, they feed us with lies and expect us to roll over and listen -- never! They call for unity and want us to forget real fighters like: Hitler, Rockwell, Hess and Strasser! They want us to forget the past and merge us, into the conservative wing, so they themselves can become real politicians and gain respect. All for self aggrandizement and greed. They want us to follow their tactics of doom and deception, while slowly destroying the racialist camp from within.

The unavoidable conflict hangs in the air; you can get a whiff of it, and smell the stench! -- a stench of treason which is suffocating us. These inbred impotents “offer” us unity in exchange for control and political correctness!

Comrades, I will say one thing: This is not a family operated business, but a live movement… which, at this point is crystallizing and moving forward! No more pro-Zionist tactics, no more turning to safer ground. No more sacred cows! Sieg Heil!

I have a message, from Ian Stuart in the form of a quote. He said: “I am not the type of person to creep and crawl to a bunch of weak-kneed, pacifist lefties, and two-faced Zionists. One must be honest to people about one's beliefs and especially when the survival of our very race is at stake.”

So, as you see, we won’t deal with the two-faced Zionists who assume leadership! Individuals, who are misrepresenting us, and causing more harm than good. There is no compromise with them, they have to be purged -- so the idea may live! We do not intend to blend with the masses, nor the Republican Party! That’s not tactics, that is suicide, and treason! White Nationalism is geing diverted and hijacked, and we know it. We can read the writing on the wall. They are getting weaker, and making more, and more concessions than ever before. We, the National Socialists, can, and will fight, reactionary politics! It is high noon; tell ourselves the truth, face reality and stop telling stories about unity… when we are dealing with a foe from within, who are nothing more than glorified nationalists with fuzzy and unspecified goals. How can we cooperate with these people, when they are in bed, with the biological vermin?! And trying to undermine everything that we worked for?!

Unity cannot be forged by mere words -- unity cannot stand if we are being lied to and taken for a ride! Stop supporting these white conservatives, it’s a waste of time! They are trying to appeal to the masses, (ha, what an original concept,) to blend in, so there will be no trace left of the 14 Words! This is not acceptable! We are not sheep, we are thinking men and women! We can think for ourselves and we are not afraid, to take the initiative, into our own two hands! We are going ahead and building new structures, independent from the movement we used to know. The status quo is changing, and we are determined to turn things around. Death to reactionary politics!

Today, we are standing together under the swastika banner, the symbol of revolution for white working people across the world. You are the diamonds in the dust, you are the political soldiers that Ian Stuart was singing about! In his memory, I ask you to give him well deserved respect -- and for the traitors and cowards… give them hell!

Alex Hassinger's Speech At The ISD Gathering

Sieg Heil!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

2006 AFP-TBR
Fifth International Conference

On Real News, Authentic History
And The First Amendment

September 1-3, 2006 Washington D.C.

The American Free Press/Barnes Review Conference held over Labor Day weekend in Whashington, D.C. on Capitol Hill, was well worth attending and gave us a "shot in the arm" much needed by all in attendance.
We arrived in D.C. late Thursday night...right in the middle of a tropical storm that lasted for most of the weekend.

On Friday, September 1, the opening evening of the conference, after welcoming remarks by American Free Press editor Christopher Petherick, attendees were treated to speeches by:
James K. Warner of the Christian Defense League (CDL Report, Sons Of Liberty Books) who spoke on the subject of Proportional Representation.

Mike Bower was the next speaker, his subject being the "third way" between jewish socialism/communism and jewish capitalism...
Social Credit. Mr. Bower has made an in-depth study of C.H. Douglas nationalist no-middleman economic theories. He highly recommends the website Michael Journal (
for further study on this subject.

The crowd is in awe as The Founder of Nordwave speaks

It was our great pleasure to meet the following speaker, Mr. Alex Hassinger of Nordwave ( an up and coming leader in the Nationalist movement who spoke on the future of our European culture. Visit Mr. Hassinger's website and see for yourself his uncompromising, hard-hitting work for our people and culture.

Dr. Harrell Rhome of The Eagle Newsletter, Corpus Christi, TX was the next to speak on the survival of the West. Dr. Rhome puts out an excellent newsletter every month with an eclectic mix of revisionist history, suppressed news and articles on white survival.

Master of Ceremonies Dave Von Kleist introduced Margaret Huffstickler,
a contributing author to The Barnes Review who also happens to have a beautiful operatic voice. Miss Huffstickler treated
the crowd to a short recital.

John Stadtmiller of the Republic Broadcasting Network
( hosted his nightly radio show in a separate room
of the hotel, as did Michael Collins Piper. Attendees were able
to sit in and listen if they chose to.
A wine and cheese social followed, where we were able to see old friends and made some new ones. Veteran patriots and nationalists Ralph Forbes, Dr. Ed Fields and his wife Jane, Jim Warner of CDL Report, Chicago activist Art Jones and his wife, Eustace Mullins, Ted Gunderson and Fred Toben were just a few in attendance.

John Nugent, Nationalist activist and former congressional candidate who is now writing for the Barnes Review was in attendance. My wife and I hadn't seen John since before the birth of our first child....16 years ago. We were very happy to see him again, and he introduced us to Mr. Theo Junker, the former member of the Wiking division of the S.S. who courageously opened a Museum in Wisconsin dedicated to the memory of Adolf Hitler. It was indeed one of the highlights of the conference meeting this courageous patriot who continues to fight the good fight well into his 80's. God bless you, Herr Junker!

Saturday, September 2, first full day of the conference...

Breakfast was bright and early... 7:00 a.m... Yours truly was sleeping off the effects of the previous evening...

Editor emeritus of AFP Vincent J. Ryan gave some opening remarks, followed by M.C. Dave Von Kleist.

The first speaker of the day was in many ways the most important ( not to take away from anyone else) in that he spoke as former government insider who couldn't take anymore evil and hypocrisy and became a BIG TIME whistle-blower. I refer to Dr. Doug Rokke and the subject of Depleted Uranium.

Dr. Rokke had a high level position in the US military and his uncovering of the deception and double dealing of "our" government in this matter. Both our troops and the civilian populations of the nations we invade on behalf of Israel are suffering horribly as a result of this atrocity. You'll want to make sure and order the audio or video of Dr. Rokke's speech.

The 911 Panel followed. It was my pleasure meeting Mrs. Ellen Mariani, widow of a 911 victim and a gutsy lady who has a lawsuit going against the government and Bush for their complicity and cover-up of this false-flag operation. She was joined on the panel by WTC survivor William Rodriguez and Lisa Gulliani and Victor Thorn of WING TV

Professor Ray Goodwin spoke next on corruption and Political correctness in academia, followed by USS Liberty investigator and film producer Tito Howard on new findings on Israel's treacherous attack on the U.S. vessel in 1967. For more info on the Liberty, see

Afternoon session:
Dr. Virginia Abernathy spoke on the illegal alien invasion, followed by AFP correspondent and author Michael Collins Piper, who read aloud Malaysian Nationalist author Mathias Chang's message to attendees.
RBN Radio's John Stadtmiller then gave a short talk on reaching out to the patriot community.

Eustace Mullins, veteran nationalist author and protege of the legendary poet and nationalist thinker Ezra Pound was the next to speak on the subject of The Federal Reserve and the world-wide spiderweb of the Rothschild banking dynasty. Mr. Mullins is a legend, and has gone through a lifetime of hell at the hands of the "usual suspects" and deserves our utmost respect and thanks.

Peymon Mottahedeh of Freedom Lawschool spoke next on the Constitution, the IRS and citizen's rights.

Steve Lynch gave a talk on government mind control

Former FBI Los Angeles bureau chief Ted Gunderson spoke next on "Why the FBI can't find missing kids" and went into detail on children being exploited by high level politicians and bureaucrats.

Michael Collins Piper spoke next about his investigative work putting together his latest book, "The Judas Goats." Subtitled "The enemy within," this book is a history of infiltration and subversion of the American nationalist movement by the ADL and other agents of jewry from before the second world war to the present day. This book names names and exposes the traitors and infiltrators in our midst. I read half of it on the plane on the way back... and it's well worth reading. Go to for more on this must read book.

Saturday evening was banquet night. Author Joe Sobran was the featured speaker. I have always admired Joe Sobran's articles that have never pulled punches when it came to the jewish question, and looked forward to his talk. Unfortunately, it turned into the only real disappointment of the weekend. Mr. Sobran spent most of his talk pointing out the differences between muslims and Christians....this in the presence of Muslim allies in the struggle against Zion...including Dr. Hesham Tillawi of

Now, being a fellow Catholic I understand where Sobran was coming from... but as I've stated many times, these are no longer "The Crusades" this is the era of the "Jewsades" where Christian Janissary's are off fighting Muslims so that they can be made utter vassals of Israel. The Muslims are NOT the aggressors today... the US and its alien Anti-Christ controllers ARE. Mr. Sobran would have done well to concentrate on public enemy # 1... that same race that screamed "Crucify Him" 2000 years ago.

Sunday, September 3...
Father Nicholas Gruner of the "Fatima Crusader" was in attendance and was kind enough to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at 7:00 a.m. in the main ballroom for those Catholics in attendance.

Dale Crowly spoke on The Bible and the first Amendment at 8:00a.m.

Willis Carto, founder and publisher Of American Free Press and The Barnes Review then introduced keynote speaker Dr. Ingrid Zundel, wife of imprisoned "holocaust denier" Ernst Zundel, who spoke at length of Ernst's ordeal, as well as others who refuse to accept the holocaust lie and are being imprisoned and tortured as a result by "democratic" (sic) governments.

Dr. Fred Toben of Australia's Adelaide Institute spoke next on "International attitudes toward the holocaust" Dr. Toben's own thoughts as well as pictures from the conference can be viewed by visiting his website.

Harry Cooper of "Sharkhunters" spoke next on the intriguing subject " Did Hitler and Bormann escape the Fuehrerbunker?" Perhaps we'll never know for sure...

After a delicious brunch about noon, Mike Piper handed out awards to some of the worlds most daring historical researchers, including:
Dr. Fred Toben

Canada's white rights advocate Paul Fromm
(see and )

Dr. Ingrid Zundel
Lady Michele Renouf
Peymon of Freedom Lawschool
Eustace Mullins
Victor Thorn of WING TV
William Rodriguez
AFP's and Barnes Review's John Tiffany
Alex Hassinger of Nordwave (
Long time veteran nationalist and activist Paul Christian Wolff received an award for his efforts to expose the REAL holocaust of Dresden.

Yours truly was surprised and got a big kick out of being given the "Saddam Hussein Award" I consider it an honor!.. Thanks Mike!

Dr. Udo Walendy then spoke on World War I history from a revisionist perspective.

The "Holocaust" panel was up next with Dr. Fred Toben serving as moderator, with panel members Willis Carto, Paul Fromm, Dr. Richard Krege, and Lady Michelle Renouf.

Following the panel discussion, Lady Michelle Renouf gave a talk on the immoral jailing of David Irving, Germar Rudolf and others.

My wife Deirdre Fields then gave a short talk on the Jewish hand in the genocide and disenfranchisement of whites in her native South Africa. Of course I'm not being prejudiced when I say it was one of the best speeches of the conference.

The fireworks were reserved for the grand finale... the Middle East Panel.
Attorney and JFK assassination investigator Mark Lane (Rush To Judgment) was moderator of the panel, which consisted of two "anti-zionist" orthodox rabbis of the "Naturei Karta" organization, Lebanese Catholic Mark Glenn ( Hesham Tillawi ( and Iranian Journalist Nader Talebzadeh. One of the more memorable statements came fron Hesham Tillawi, a native of Palestine who said, " I came to America to escape the zionist occupation of Palestine, only to find that America is also occupied by the zionists." Truer words are seldom spoken.
While the rabbis were anti-zionist for religious reasons of their own, Mark Glenn took the microphone and courageously told the rabbis to their faces that the problem was their Anti-Christ religion and the hatred in their Talmud. Mark just about got a standing ovation, and it was all down-hill from there for the rabbis....who sputtered and stammered and tried to pass the Talmud off as a book of "love." They obviously didn't know what audience they were trying to "pilpul." RIGHT ON MARK...
God bless you for telling the WHOLE truth.
All in all, this was an excellent conference and if you missed it, keep checking your American Free Press or go to to see when audio/video/DVDs of the conference become available.

Thanks to Willis and Elisabeth Carto, Chris Petherick. Paul Angel, Mike Piper, John Nugent, John Tiffany, Julia Foster, Ann Cronin and everyone at AFP/TBR for a wonderful and informative three days.

Ingrid Zundel(
First Lady of Revisionism. Enough said.

J. K. Warner (Editor - The CDL Report)

F. P. Fromm ( Founder of Canadian
Assoc. For Free Expression)

W. A. Carto (Founder of Liberty Lobby,
editor of American Free Press and
The Barnes Review)

A.G. Hassinger (Founder of Nordwave)

Sharing a laugh with
Dr.G.F. Toben
(Founder of
Adelaide Institute - Australia)

A. Kemp (Author of 'The March
of the Titans' - South Africa)

A.G. Hassinger

Harry Cooper (Founder of Sharkhunters.)

A.G. Hassinger

Michael Collins Piper (Author, radio

show host and a researcher with a sense of humor we all appreciated;

please read his newest book 'The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within')

P.P. Volkov (Nordwave's geopolitical adviser)